Welcome WLOTA Lighthouse hunters


The WLOTA program (Old Name : WLH-Award) was created in 1997 by 4 French OM: Bruno F5SKJ, Phil F5OGG, Thierry SWL and Guy F6DGT (Silent Key).

In 2005, New Award with a new team, a major change occurred. The name has been changed to become today's WLOTA. A new staff was composed with F5OGG Phil, F6DGT Guy (Silent Key), F8EZZ Joel, XYL F6DGT Anne, F5JGW Pierrick then the arrival in the following years of F5DBT Dan, F5IDC Manu. This team today offers you this beautiful program.

W.L.O.T.A. (World Lighthouse On The Air) is an international challenge that consists, globally to establish radio links, with and from the lighthouses in Sea, Rocks and Islands. This is a part of amateur radio activities.

This program is managed by the WLOTA HQ, the WLH-Award Association and in partnership with R.A.F (Radio Amateur France) the French National Association of Hamradio.


73's - WLOTA HQ
































The WLOTA HQ informs the OMs that:

YB8RW announces that we do not want to send him the Expeditionary Medal.

The bronze medal can only be requested for 3 different WLOTA activated and validated by the WLOTA HQ.

The silver medal can only be requested for 6 different WLOTA activated and validated by the WLOTA HQ.

The gold medal can only be requested for 9 different WLOTA activated and validated by the WLOTA HQ.

(WLOTA rule valid 1997 to 2014)


YB8RW has only 1 WLOTA Expedition to 1 WLOTA number.


You can check by yourself the conditions for obtaining diplomas for expeditionaries in the rules.


On his QRZ page, YB8RW shows the medal.


This is false and he does not have the conditions to receive a medal.

He is a liar and he makes false information run.

We consider YB8RW a cheater.

We will suspend it from the WLOTA program as well as its shipment.




Last information for this problem : YB8RW suspended from WLOTA Program for threats and false informations




L'URC (Union des Radio Club) publie un bulletin avec le logo WLOTA. Nous informons nos lecteurs que l'URC n'est absolument pas un partenaire du WLOTA et le sera jamais.

Ce bulletin diffusé n'a aucune valeur et est rempli de fausses informations. Il n'engage pas le WLOTA qui est un diplôme géré par l'association WLH-Award qui n'a rien à voir avec l'URC.

Le WLOTA a été créé par des amis radioamateurs et non pas par l'urc. La Présidente de l'URC est exclue des programmes WLOTA et DPLF.

Toute expédition réalisée par ou en présence de la présidente de l'URC (F1PSH) ainsi que F1UJT ne sera pas validée.