WLOTA easy access : 3

WLOTA difficult access : 9

WLOTA very difficult access : 11






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N° WLOTA      Lighthouse Island Name     

Validation Expedition


0058   Ashrafi Islet (Only)   Yes
1424   Umm Qamar Island - Jazirat Umm Qamar   Yes
1915   Newport Rock   Yes
1917   Gubal Island - Jazirat Jubal as Saghirah   Yes
2035   Plate-Forme Petrobel D10   Yes
2143   Great Pass Lighthouse   Yes
2245   Siyul Kebira Island   Yes
2275   Plate-Form N°1   Yes
2318   El Max Elaly Hotel Island   No
2432   LPG Terminal Islet   Yes
2508   Alexandria Outer Breakwater   Yes
2694   Geziret Disuqi Islet   Yes
2715   Damietta's Lighthouse Island   No
2809   Shaker Island   Yes
2959   Port Said Island - Port Said Military Museum Island   No
3011   El Bahar Tower Lighthouse Rock   Yes
3405   Shag Rock   Yes
3954   Ra's Muhammad Island   Yes
4002   Ra's Nusrani Rock   Yes
4187   Safaga Island    Yes
4305   El Akhawein North Islet (Only) The Brothers   Yes
4432   Daedalus Reef Lighthouse   Yes
4512   Giftun El Saghir Island   Yes