WLOTA North America Countries List



 In the North American continent, there are xxx Lighthouses Islands referenced for the WLOTA program. 


These xxx lighthouses islands are listed in each county below according to 3 categories :


WLOTA easy access : WLOTA in inhabited island

WLOTA difficult access : WLOTA in uninhabited island (or few people only)

WLOTA very difficult access : WLOTA on Rock, reef, detached breakwater or in sea



WLOTA easy access : xxx

WLOTA difficult access : xxx

WLOTA very difficult access : xx


 The WLOTA North America diploma is awarded every xx Lighthouses islands referenced for WLOTA.


Countries List


 * : Is not a Country but just a geographical position in the continent

** : See also


Call      Country
6Y   Jamaica
8P   Barbados
C6   Bahamas
CM, CO   Cuba
CY9   St. Paul Island
FG, TO   Guadeloupe
FJ, TO   Saint Barthelemy
FM, TO   Martinique
FP   St. Pierre & Miquelon
FS, TO   Saint Martin
HH   Haiti
HI   Dominican Republic
HK0   San Andres & Providencia
HO-HP   Panama
HQ-HR   Honduras
J3   Grenada
J6   St. Lucia
J8   St. Vincent
K, W, N, AA-AK   United States of America
KG4   Guantanamo Bay
KL, AL, NL, WL   Alaska
KP2   Virgin Island
KP3, 4   Puerto Rico
OX   Greenland
PJ5, 6   Saba & St. Eustatius
PJ7   St Maarten
TI, TE   Costa Rica
V2   Antigua & Barbuda
V3   Belize
V4   St. Kitts & Nevis
VA-VG, VO, VY   Canada
VP2E   Anguilla
VP2M   Montserrat
VP2V   British Virgin Is.
VP5   Turks & Caicos Is.
VP9   Bermuda
XA-XI   Mexico
YN, H6-7, HT   Nicaragua
YV0   Aves Iland
ZF   Cayman Island