Best WLOTA Expeditions Diploma's


Best WLOTA World Expedition Award


How is awarded this trophy :  

This prestigious diploma is a trophy in the form of a medal attributed to one only expedition in the year.

This expedition is chosen among the best continental expeditions.

The vote for this prestigious trophy is made by the members of the WLOTA HQ, WLH Award as well as all up-to-date subscribers.

This medal is free of charge.



Best WLOTA World Expedition



Best WLOTA Continental Expedition Award

 How is awarded this diploma :      

The choice of the Best WLOTA Expedition is issued from Expeditions that have requested validation when it is obligatory (word "Yes" in the WLOTA List).

Among the expeditions WLOTA a  same continent, a vote is conducted among members WLOTA Checkpoints and members WLOTA HQ.

Each member reviews WLOTA Expeditions based on the following criteria:
- sporting challenge
- Technological Challenge
- OM Challenge

Voting members are also very interested in the presence of the WLOTA logo and the WLOTA reference on the various media (films and QSL)


 Cost of diploma :                              

These diplomas are awarded free of charge.


Awards are in page "Our Awards"



 Best WLOTA Expeditions 2018


Best WLOTA World Expedition Trophy 2018


Call Sign WLOTA N° Trophy
AN1WHC 1594




Best WLOTA Continental Expedition Awards 2018


Continent Call Sign   WLOTA N° Awards    Photo/Video
AS RT65KI   2266 RT65KI  
EU  AN1WHC   1594 AN1WHC  
NA No Expedition

No expedition

request validation

OC No Expedition  

No expedition

request validation

SA  ZY6V   0463 ZY6V    


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