Our new formula allows all OMs to help us. However, if you do not wish, you also have access to the main pages of the WLOTA site.


WLOTA "No Member"

- You have access at many pages on the WLOTA site. Some pages are not accessible such as the list of validated WLOTA Expedition as well as the page which details of each lighthouse.

WLOTA "Member"

  • Valid during one year (date to date)
  • You have access at all WLOTA Pages in WLOTA Web site
  • All diplomas are free for one year
  • All your diploma updates are free for 1 year
  • Your ranking updated with each update of your diplomas and published on the WLOTA site
  • This choice can also be used to renew your subscription for 1 year


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 As you want €



Various Products :


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Flag 40 X 60 cms for expedition


 16 €


Diploma : 

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WW 100 (CW, Mixed or Phone)


Donate :

See WLOTA Member