WLOTA Oceania Countries List



 In the Oceania continent, there are 573 Lighthouses Islands referenced for the WLOTA program. 


These 573 lighthouses islands are listed in each county below according to 3 categories :


WLOTA easy access : WLOTA in inhabited island

WLOTA difficult access : WLOTA in uninhabited island (or few people only)

WLOTA very difficult access : WLOTA on Rock, reef, detached breakwater or in sea



WLOTA easy access : 183

WLOTA difficult access : 321

WLOTA very difficult access : 69


 The WLOTA Oceania diploma is awarded every 50 Lighthouses islands referenced for WLOTA.


Countries List


 * : Is not a Country but just a geographical position in the continent

** : See also 9M2-4 in Asia


Call      Country
3D2   Fiji
4W   Timor - Leste
5W   Samoa
9M6-8**   East Malaysia
A3   Tonga
DU-DZ, 4D-4I   Philippines
E5   S. Cook Island
FK, TX   New Caledonia
FO, TX   French Polynesia
H4   Solomon Island
KH0   Mariana Island
KH2   Guam
KH4   Midway Island
KH6,7   Hawaii
KH9   Wake Island
P2   Papua New Guinea
T30   W. Kiribati (Gilbert Island)
T32   E. Kiribati (Line Island)
T8   Palau
V8   Brunei Darussalam
VK, AX   Australia
VK9C   Cocos (Keeling) Island
VK9N   Norfolk Island
YB-YH   Indonesia
YJ   Vanuatu
ZL-ZM   New Zealand
ZL7   Chatham Island