WLOTA Europe Countries List



 In the Europe continent, there are 1192 Lighthouses Islands referenced for the WLOTA program. 


These 1192 lighthouses islands are listed in each county below according to 3 categories :


WLOTA easy access : WLOTA in inhabited island

WLOTA difficult access : WLOTA in uninhabited island (or few people only)

WLOTA very difficult access : WLOTA on Rock, reef, detached breakwater or in sea


WLOTA easy access : 363

WLOTA difficult access : 639

WLOTA very difficult access : 190


 The WLOTA Europe diploma is awarded every 50 Lighthouses islands referenced for WLOTA.


Sample file available to subscribers : Go to EJ DXCC and Click on WLOTA number : 2314


Countries List


 * : Is not a Country but just a geographical position in the continent

** : See also Africa Continent

*** : See also Asia Continent


Call      Country
4O   Montenegro
9A   Croatia
9H   Malta
CT   Portugal
CU   Azores
DA-DR   Fed. Rep. of Germany
EA-EH   Spain
EA6-EH6   Balearic Is.
EI-EJ   Ireland
ES   Estonia
F   France
G, GX, M   England
GD, GT   Isle of Man
GI, GN   Northern Ireland
GJ, GH   Jersey
GM, GS   Scotland
GU, GP   Guernsey
GW, GC   Wales
I**   Italy
IS0, IM0   Sardinia
JW   Svalbard
JX   Jan Mayen
LA-LN   Norway
LZ   Bulgaria
OF-OI   Finland
OH0   Aland Is.
OJ0   Market Reef
OU-OW, OZ   Denmark
OY   Faroe Is.
PA-PI   Netherlands
SA-SM, 7S-8S   Sweden
SN-SR   Poland
SV-SZ, J4   Greece
SV5, J45   Dodecanese
SV9-J49   Crete
TA-TC***   Turkey
TF   Iceland
TK   Corsica
UA-UI 1/7   European Russia
UR-UZ   Ukraine
YL   Latvia
YO-YR   Romania
ZA   Albania