WLOTA South America Countries List



 In the South American continent, there are 215 Lighthouses Islands referenced for the WLOTA program. 


These 215 lighthouses islands are listed in each county below according to 3 categories :


WLOTA easy access : WLOTA in inhabited island

WLOTA difficult access : WLOTA in uninhabited island (or few people only)

WLOTA very difficult access : WLOTA on Rock, reef, detached breakwater or in sea



WLOTA easy access : 48

WLOTA difficult access : 138

WLOTA very difficult access : 29


 The WLOTA South America diploma is awarded every 25 Lighthouses islands referenced for WLOTA.


Countries List


 * : Is not a Country but just a geographical position in the continent


Call      Country
8R   Guyana
9Y-9Z   Trinidad & Tobago
CA-CE   Chile
CE0   Easter Island
CE0   Juan Fernandez Island
CE0   San Felix & San Ambrosio
CV-CX   Uruguay
FY   French Guiana
HC-HD   Ecuador
HC8-HD8   Galapagos Island
HJ-HK, 5J-5K   Colombia
HK0   Malpelo Island
LO-LW   Argentina
OA-OC   Peru
P4   Aruba
PJ2   Curacao
PJ4   Bonaire
PP-PY, ZV-ZZ   Brazil
PP0-PY0F   Fernando de Noronha
PP0-PY0S   St. Peter & St. Paul Rocks
VP8   Falkland Island
YV-YY, 4M   Venezuela