WLOTA easy access : 6

WLOTA difficult access : 10

WLOTA very difficult access : 0





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N° WLOTA      Lighthouse Island Name     

Validation Expedition


0078   Nosy Akao Island    No
0100   Nattes Island   No
0491   Sainte Marie Island   No
0888   Nosy Alanana Island - Prunes Island   Yes
1099   Nosy Lava Island   Yes
2066   Nosy Iranja Islet   No
2455   Madagascar Island   No
2943   Nosy Anambo Island   Yes
3042   Nosy Be Island - Nossi Be Island   No
3139   Nosy Beza Island - Verte Island   Yes
3228   Nosy Behentona Islet   Yes
3522   Nosy Mangabe Islet   Yes
3801   Nosy Lava Islet   Yes
3985   Tany Kely Islet   Yes
4049   Nosy Langoro Islet - Aigrettes Islet   Yes
4181   Nosy Vorona Island   Yes